INDIE REWIND: Character Study — Dorothy Zbornak

All right everyone I hope you brought your cowl-neck sweaters, a culotte, a slouchy boot, anything with a drop-waist and a bad attitude. This week?€™s class will be on the grand dame of grandmothers,? Dorothy Petrillo Zbornak Hollingsworth,? as portrayed by the greatest lady of all time, one Ms. Bea Arthur.

Key Pieces: In addition to the previous items, we?€™re talking sequins, a string of pearls down to the ground, more sequins,? Chanel? doorknockers, and the occasional kitten heel.

Designers to Wear: ? Donna Karan, Chanel,? Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen

Defining Fashion Moment:? Season 7, Episode 19, ?€?Journey to the Center of Attention.?€?? In a bar full of middle-aged horndogs itching to climb up Blanche?€™s dress (she?€™s not wearing any underwear?€¦meanwhile, imagine your grandma saying that to anyone and not being able to blame it on the Alzheimer?€™s) when Dorothy steals the spotlight by singing a heartfelt rendition of? Irving Berlin?€?s? ?€?What?€™ll I Do.?€?

All the while, she?€™s wearing ? a black blazer with gold piping and epaulets, black pants tucked into a slouchy black boot and only one major accessory ?€” her gold Chanel doorknockers.? Perfection. Simple, chic, but still playing on that fun masculine edge. Signature Dorothy.