INDIE REWIND: 10 Stylish Cocktails for New Year?€™s Eve

I have never been one to have discerning taste when booze is involved. Lacking real liquor, I?€™ve been known to contemplate drinking mouthwash and/or rubbing alcohol just to get ma fix. But this year, I?€™m feeling all sophisticated-like and so I?€™ve compiled a list of libations that will at least make you? feel? classy, even as you?€™re dry heaving over a toilet at 12:01 come January 1st as your BFF holds back your hair?€¦but not their judgement.? Leave the beer at home, kids. This is grown-folk drinking.

The Sidecar

Ditch your preferred mode of conveyance and hop in a Sidecar then floor it to DrunkTown, USA. Population: everyone cool.

1 lemon
superfine sugar
3 oz. cognac
1 oz. Cointreau or triple sec
2 lemon slices