INDIE NEWSROOM: Tilda Swinton’s Life to Be a Banquet as Auntie Mame…Rihanna’s Armani Ads Not That Sexy After All…Rachel Zoe Slights Brad Goreski’s Baby Gift

- Tilda Swinton is putting aside the heavy dramatic roles for the heavy pancake makeup and costume jewelry of filmdom’s greatest drag queen,? Auntie Mame. The Oscar-winner is planning to “live, live, LIVE!” it up with her I Am Love? director, Luca Guadagnino. [Out? via NYT]

INDIE NEWSROOM: Tilda Swintons Life to Be a Banquet as Auntie Mame...Rihannas Armani Ads Not That Sexy After All...Rachel Zoe Slights Brad Goreskis Baby Gift

- Breathable caffeine. It’s a real thing. Though for my money, there’s a much more effective, albeit illegal, way of snorting your way to a quick pick-me-up. [Nylon]

- Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin, 69, wants to put those pregnancy rumors to rest! She may be getting married to “forever fiend” Willie Wilkerson this summer, but there’s no royal bun in that majestic oven. The Queen is reportedly considering Donna Karan, Valentino and Vera Wang to do the dressing honors. [People]

- “How you Zoe-in’?”? After sending The Baby Skyler an Herm??s tower of toys, Brad Goreski told Wendy Williams he never received a thank you note from former boss/current rival Rachel Zoe. [Jezebel]

-? Ad Age? didn’t think? Rihanna‘s? Armani? ad was the sexiest of the year, though apparently everyone else? thought? they thought it was. [Ad Age]

- Remember that whole Marc Jacobs sexual discrimination case? Yeah, I don’t care either, but seems like it’s been settled out of court, “to the satisfaction of both parties.” [Vogue UK]

- Cosmopolitan is oversexed, Glamour’s definitely hiding something, and Vogue is surprisingly romantic. The buzzwords magazines used most on their covers for 2011 painted a telling portrait. [Fashionista]