INDIE NEWSROOM: Nail Polish Wishes and Champagne Dreams…Britney Spears’ 90-Diamond Engagement Ring…Snooki Sued for $7 Mil

- Sales of nail polish and champagne are among leading indicators of the economy, because the more money Americans have, the more likely they are to pop bottles and less likely to do their own damn nails. [NYT]

- Diane von Furstenberg thinks Bernard Arnault should throw his $41-billion weight around and step in to solve the ongoing skirmish over the fashion week calendar. [WSJ]

INDIE NEWSROOM: Nail Polish Wishes and Champagne Dreams...Britney Spears 90 Diamond Engagement Ring...Snooki Sued for $7 Mil

Photo: People

- Britney Spears‘ fiance, Justin Trawick apparently told jeweler Neil Lane he “didn?€™t want an over-the-top ring with a giant stone.” So Lane instead opted for? subtlety? and nothing says subtlety like 90 small diamonds around a big — but not giant — diamond. [People]

- Between Lanvin Petite‘s $1570 trenches and Young Versace‘s new boutique featuring a merry-go-round, kids are hitting the runway before hitting the playground. [WWD, WWD]

- Someone clearly lost a finger over this appearance on Anderson Cooper‘s talk show. No one makes Madonna sound like two obese gimps going at it in a pool of hot wax and gets away with it. [Styleite]

- Some people are real assholes during the holidays. [Racked]

- And some people are surprisingly amazing. [Jezebel]

- Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is getting the Juicy Couture sweatpants sued right off of her. The pocket-guidette filed suit to end her contract with licensing company, SRG Ventures in October. SRG has now countered with their own suit to the tune of $7 million, but jokes on them: all of Snooki’s assets are tied up in Valtrex stock and deep-fried pickle bonds. [NY Post]