INDIE NEWSROOM: Fresh Prince Reunion…Derek Lam v Ivanka Trump, Round II…Brittany Murphy’s Cause of Death: Poisoning

- Now this is a story all about how..this happened. The majority of the cast from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, including Willow Smith‘s dad, reunited last week for cousin Hilary’s charity and some much-needed family time, although Geoffrey and the Aunt Vivs were sadly not present. [Huff Po]

INDIE NEWSROOM: Fresh Prince Reunion...Derek Lam v Ivanka Trump, Round II...Brittany Murphys Cause of Death: Poisoning

- The feds seized $76.8 million in counterfeit Burberry, Coach, Fendi, Prada, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton and other fashionable items as part of a six week sting appropriately titled “Operation Holiday Hoax.” [WWD]

- Oh, Rihanna. Following a legal flip of the weave by David LaChapelle over copying his photographs for her “S&M” video, the pop tart looks to have turned her pilfering eye on the work of S??lve Sundsb??? with her latest clip, “You Da One.”? [Fashionista]

- Mark Fisher, who produces the controversial shoes Derek Lam has accused Ivanka Trump of “blatantly” copying from him, “strongly denies Lam’s claims.” Fisher argues that Lam’s design “has been used by numerous manufacturers for many decades” and adds for good measure,? ”There is nothing iconic about the appearance of the Lam sandal.?€? Calling a man’s wedge sandal not iconic? Dem’s fightin’ words. [WWD]

- Oooh-la-la…oh, no. No. French health authorities are recommending that 30,000 women who received potentially defective breast implants from a French company have them removed as a preventative measure. [NYT]

-? Brittany Murphy‘s mother is claiming her daughter and son-in-law Simon Monjack were killed by toxic mold found in their Hollywood home. The mold apparently caused the pneumonia that killed both Murphy and Monjack and now Momma Murphy is taking legal action against her lawyers for mishandling her case against the construction company back in January. [TMZ]