How To Get Engaged On The Eiffel Tower

On March 13, it was exactly five and a half years since the love of my life and I got engaged. I proposed to Saynt on the Eiffel Tower in Paris. He said no, and somehow we still ended up getting hitched.


How To Get Engaged On The Eiffel Tower

I met Saynt during September FW. He wasn’t interested in being pursued, so I stole his bag and he was forced to take me on a date to get it back. Exactly six months later, on his 25th birthday, I asked him to spend the rest of his life with me. I’m afraid of heights, I was scared crazy, both from my anticipated proposal and the ground so far below me. I looked at the man standing before me, took out a black velvet box which was hidden in my coat pocket, and stuttered the words I had been preparing to say for weeks. Surprised beyond words, Saynt muttered ‘no, maybe, I don’t know, let me see the ring.’

When we were first dating, we made a deal, that I wouldn’t get a diamond until he got a diamond. So I got him a diamond. A few months prior, I took all my ex boyfriend given jewelry and sold it in the hopes of having enough money to make Saynt a diamond  ring, which I did. I also had it engraved, ‘deep in the heart of me’ from our song, I’ve Got You Under My Skin by Frank Sinatra.

The moments after the proposal were quiet, for hours we roamed around the streets of Paris, not talking about what had happened. A month later, back in NYC, Saynt asked me to meet him in Central Park, where he proposed under an apple tree. It was the most romantic moment in my life, and after, we grabbed froxen hot chocolates at Serendipity, where we chatted for hours about the rest of our lives together. On the eve of the anniversary of our first date, we were married.

Over the years, my ring went through many changes. It’s too long of a story to write about, but let’s just say that when it came to the ring, Saynt failed the first time around. Last year, he finally made up for all those years of ‘owing’ me the perfect diamond. I still needed a ring for everyday, and finally, a few weeks ago, Saynt worked with the amazing crew at Trax to design an eternity band, which I was not supposed to receive until our five year wedding anniversary. But Saynt couldn’t wait that long to give it to me! This band has 21 diamonds, one diamond for every extra special moment in our five and a half year relationship, something that I keep track of to ensure I keep getting diamond rings.


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