How International Artisans Make 6 Designers Better

It’s becoming an increasingly popular fashion designer fairytale: Designer goes off to exotic locale (i.e. Bali) on vacation, meets a village of artisans, and produces clothing with them happily ever after. This turns global outsourcing into local crafting; it supports communities, especially women, that might not have the chance for dignified employment otherwise. And it ensures that their traditional techniques will be passed on for future generations. See six brands that support the world through beautiful clothing

When Angela set sail for the great wide world with her surfer husband Jim, she reached an epiphany upon meeting a group of artisans of Bali. Her pen hit the sketchbook, and she soon began working with local craftspeople and their traditional techniques to make bags and accessories. Named after her grandmother, Cleobella, the company still works with those artisans in Bali. And she gives back to CARE that fights global poverty through employment.  Cleobella