High Times with Rihanna: Pop Star Goes to Pot in Hawaii

You know, I’m really beginning to like Rihanna. The Bajan pop sensation was caught smoking what those in the know refer to as a “blunt” — a cigar full of marijuana — while on vacation in Hawaii and judging by her posture… it was that good shit. 

High Times with Rihanna: Pop Star Goes to Pot in Hawaii

RiRi acknowledged her pot proclivity when she tweeted*, ”Kush rolled, glass full…I prefer the better things!” quoting Drake‘s opening lines from “Up All Night.” Her fans are also a bunch of stoners, it seems, as many responded quite positively with tweets along the lines of ” I wanna smoke a blunt wit @rihanna”, “lol she is so high ! love that girl” and “Island gal for real!!!!”

Being from the Barbados, Rihanna probably started  ingesting high levels of THC through her mother’s breast milk so it comes as no surprise that she likes to toke up, particularly on vacation. And it’s not like we have to worry about the smoke negatively impacting her voice since she can “oh-na-na” on — or at least near – key without really trying.

*Sidebar: Can we talk about how earlier that day Rihanna urged oher Twitter followers to “show some love” for Martin Luther King Jr. and then demonstrated said love by quoting Lil Kim lyrics? Rihanna is nothing if not a study in extremes. Extreme what, however, I’m not sure…