Has Lady Gaga’s Twitter been Hacked?!

Is Lady Gaga really giving out free? MacBooks and iPad 2‘s to her little monsters? Unless the Government Hooker has whored herself out to a commercially Santa-like monster that spams your computer in a sex-when-you-just-want-to-hold-hands kind of way, then Gaga has been hacked! The only pop-up we want from Lady Gaga is one that involves Nicola Formichetti and Boffo? or Barney’s Gaga Workshop. Whoever fucked with our Mother Monster is going to have to answer to us, and her artillery of weapon-esque props. Either send us free shit and get out of our faces or she’ll retaliate with a spiked piano and a gun-bra. Save Lady Gaga’s Twitter!?  Has Lady Gagas Twitter been Hacked?!


This is not your ticket to Electric Chapel. Has Lady Gagas Twitter been Hacked?!


Will Gaga fight back with her arsenal of sharp, explosive accessories?

The hacker ran into Lady Gaga’s piano. He ran into her piano 9 times.