Green Day Gets Super High for John Varvatos

John Varvatos continues his musical journey through the magic of advertising with his latest spring offering — ? featuring Grammy-winning, Dookie-slinging, “Time of Your Life”-having American Idiots, Green Day.

Varvatos, a noted music junkie, has previously tapped former actual junky? Iggy Pop, as well as? Alice Cooper, Cheap Trick and most recently The Roots for his campaigns. For spring 2012, photog? Danny Clinch captured the Dayers,? Mike Dirnt, Tre Cool and the eternally boyish Billie Joe Armstrong, against the backdrop of the Manhattan skyline, perched precariously on an iron beam.

The ads were inspired by Philippe Petit‘s 1974 “Man on Wire” act — an illegal tightrope traverse between the Twin Towers — as well as Charles C. Ebbets‘ classic 1932 photograph,? ?€?Construction Workers Lunching on a Crossbeam.?€? [WWD]