Google’s Glasses Gaze into the Future, Kanye Returns to Day Job and Beyonc?’s Inaugural Tweet

- The NYPD must be working overtime…or just be really bored — who are we kidding, it’s the latter. A few months ago a man stole a jacket from a John Varvatos store by swapping it with his own and the boys in blue tracked him down using the DNA from the wadded up chewing gum the thief left in the jacket pocket. Now that’s what I call a sticky situation. [Racked]

- Finally the future’s pulling its act together. Google‘s new super high-tech augmented reality eyeglasses brings us one step closer to the Dystopian present we’ve been promised for so many years. Oh, and there are flying cars. [Huff Po]

Googles Glasses Gaze into the Future, Kanye Returns to Day Job and Beyonc?s Inaugural Tweet

- Misunderstood fashion designer Kanye West has debuted a new song called “Theraflu,” on which he waxes and flosses poetic about dining with Anna Wintour, “racin’ with Anja Rubik,” and dodging a curvaceous bullet in the form of Kim Kardashian. [Fashionista]

- Bravo, no doubt sensing a lull in fashion-related programming in primetime, has picked up a new show about LA vintage store, Decades, tentatively titled It’s an Old, Old Concept. [WWD]

- A fire in the basement of Macy’s flagship store at Herald Sq yesterday afternoon is still under investigation. But since it’s down the street from FashionIndie HQ, we’d like to officially state we burn down many things but never a department store. [NY Post]

Beyonc? has finally made her presence known to her some 3 mil+ Twitter followers, announcing the launch of her new website, I could watch her twirling that lace-front wig around all day. And have. [Bey's Twitter]