Go Nude Night to Day in One Look

It’s so hot you could just go naked. Well, nude will have to do. This barely there, but modestly chic look will carry you from a Saturday night of cocktail sipping to a Sunday packed with whatever the day brings. At the end of the day, and the start of the day, it’s a light tank and shorts. Please disregard these shoes, and see how we’d do it. 

Go Nude Night to Day in One Look

These are the shoes that will take this outfit the distance. With a curved heel, a platform and height with minimal incline, the walkability and danceability is running on high. The colors are tickling our fancy with that geometric print.

Go Nude Night to Day in One Look

Top, shorts, clutch: MTWTFSS

Shoes: Matiko @ Solestruck, $180

For a chance to WIN a beach bag full of essentials, tell me how you’d accessorize.