Glamour Magazine Getting Major Overhaul

After seeing ad pages and newsstand sales take a hit this year, Glamour‘s editor in chief Cindi Leive is giving the pub a much-needed makeover to appeal to a much-needed hipper clientele.? 

Glamour Magazine Getting Major Overhaul

It’s been a tough year for women’s fashion magazines across the board, except for Vogue,? which has managed to increase its ad pages by 9% and its newsstand sales by 13%, thus earning it the title of? Ad Age‘s Magazine of the Year. Conversely,? Glamour‘s ad pages and newsstand sales are down? – by 7% and 17%, respectively. As? Cond?© Nast‘s biggest seller, it’s imperative that Glamour turn a strong profit for their publishing parent; and so to ensure that, Leive is planning a redesign and overhaul of the mag.

The new Glamour will launch in March with new columns and contributors and an increased focus on pop culture. Michael Angelo, Nylon‘s former art director has also been brought on to assist with the redesign.? ?€?The format of many women?€™s magazines ?€” Glamour included! ?€” hasn?€™t changed much for a decade,” Leive told? WWD,? ”but young women are consuming media in totally different ways now. Our team is creating a new Glamour and for this new generation of readers….?€?

Hopefully someone informed Ms. Leive that this ? new generation of readers doesn’t actually read. [WWD]