Get Off My Blue Suede Shoes! New!

How high dare a girl go? When it comes to heels, there's no upper limit - especially if we cast our minds back to the crippling seven-inch Prada wonders of four seasons ago. Then there were 1996's towering Vivienne Westwood platforms, which took Naomi Campbell's knees to the runway floor... Yet the soaring spirit of fashion history has taught us that colossal heights don't truly bring a girl down; we're still buying skyscrapers for shoes. Meet the new Giuseppe Zanotti platform in stunning electric blue suede, boasting a two-inch platform and a ruthless spike of 150mm/6inch stiletto. They are best worn with an understated LBD and a staggering amount of poise.

Blue Suede Shoes, ??470 by Giuseppe Zanotti at

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