Gay Pride Gift Guide: For the Suga Daddy

What do you give the man who gives you everything? The youth he’s so desperately chasing? That long-awaited threesome with your recently-of-age friend? If you’re feeling particularly foolish — a pre-nup? Well, whatever it is, chances are you’re buying it with his money anyway so go wild, girlfriend! Money’s no object because daddy’s gonna take care of it. Daddy’s gonna take care of everything…

Gay Pride Gift Guide: For the Suga Daddy

With New York’s Gay Pride sashaying and shauntaying its way through the city this week, show that May-December romantic spirit with one of these thoughtful gifts.


Give the gift of an immobile forehead so that even when Daddy is mad for having to bail you out of jail for going H.A.M. on a pile of cocaine, he’ll at least look the picture of serenity. Shizuka New York Day Spa