Gallery Booze Cruise: The Week in Art and Free Alcohol

Spring hath officially sprung, y’all! Neglecting the fact that winter lasted approximately three weeks here in New York and people have already broken out the shorts and flip-flops, spring’s great for taking in all the great new art the city has to offer. And more importantly, taking in all the free wine those galleries have to offer. Here, a convenient guide of gallery openings around town this week. Tell ‘em FashionIndie sent ya to be automatically shunned at the door. 

Gallery Booze Cruise: The Week in Art and Free Alcohol

Virginia Overton curated by Matthew Lyons at The Kitchen — Wed. March 21, 6pm-8pm
512 W 19th St

“In her works in sculpture and installation, Virginia Overton employs readily available or repurposed building materials as well as common found imagery in reaction to the particular conditions of the exhibition space and its environs. She has developed a sculptural vocabulary that uses and reuses these materials and images. While the work often incorporates large-scale elements, Overton still allows for a sense of ad hoc fragility in the provisional relationships she sets up between the architecture and her materials. The heightened awareness of the weight-bearing loads and the pull of gravity underscore how the materials have been asked to perform, holding traces of past uses and process to become more than just ‘raw’ material.”