Forget About Dre. 5 Headphones That Won’t Get You Mugged in the Subway

Watch your neck, kids. Some dude just got slashed in the neck by a crazy mugger with a broken bottle on the subway over his Beats by Dre. Though no one really intervened, someone did film it on their iPhone (endure the sight here). Dr. Dre‘s $300-500 headphones have all but knocked iPhones out of the top rank for the number 1 target for NYC thieves. Their noise-canceling quality makes the victim totally unawares as a thug sneaks up and snatches them right off unassuming heads. So before you drop serious dough on an even more serious liability, check these low key headphones with stellar sonic quality.


Thanks to Berko @imessdot, esteemed headphone junkie, for the heads up (and write-ups) on these 5 sick headphones.


For the Music Connoisseur: AKG q460
The facts: Designed by the legendary 27-time Grammy winning producer Quincy Jones. Foldable. Inline mic and remote. Perfect sound balance, impressive soundstage, true sonic reproduction. Unbeatable price. $169 Sonic Fiber