Fasting with the Blue Print Cleanse Day 2: The Breakthrough

As you may have read yesterday, I decided to jump on board the juice fast wagon with Blue Print Cleanse for a three-day Foundation Cleanse. The first day was a roller coaster of feeling great and terrible, but day two brought the turning point. Read about it in my diary after the jump.

Fasting with the Blue Print Cleanse Day 2: The Breakthrough

Took my Cashew Milk out on the town last night. She made new friends with whiskey

8:15 am – I woke up this morning feeling like I had a severe hangover. Drinking my first green juice, hoping it brings me to some level of normal. Might have to take Tylenol if this awful headache continues.

8:36 am – Took two Tylenol, could not stand this headache anymore. One thing I must note, I am working like a machine right now. Usually at this time on a weekday, I’m still a half zombie. Yay for lots of energy! My fingers can’t type as fast as my brain is thinking. Although, I’m also a terrible typer.

9:03 am – I sort of feel like I have super powers or something. Lots of energy, like I could go running right now, and I really hate running. My head still feels like bricks though. What gives?

10:03 am – My headache is almost gone. Thank you Western medicine. I am getting hungry though.

11:50 am -Feeling cracked out in the best of ways! Tons of energy and very focused. Drinking my P.A.M. now.

1:10 pm – It’s amazing to me how little water I drink during the day. Keeping hydrated is definitely key to feeling normal on this cleanse and certainly a habit I need to stick with when I’m through.

1:43 pm – My skin is seemingly less oily than it has been, even in this heat. Good sign I take it?

4:59 pm – Solid food everywhere is taunting me. I am hungry. But I must say, the goodness I feel is overpowering my instincts to stuff my face with Mexican takeout. Officially halfway through the cleanse!

9:17 pm – I was super hungry before drinking the Spicy Lemonade, and it totally curbed my appetite. On to the third green juice of the day now. The thought of it is painful, but it really is tasty.

9:47 pm – Super full after the 5th juice. I am heading out to meet friends soon, so I’m taking the Cashew Milk with me. I bet people will be totally jealous when I whip it out in the bar.

1:00 am - Spaced out hardcore during a conversation about the pros and cons of hard boiled eggs being available for hungry bar patrons to munch on. Not sure if the brain lapse was from lack of solid food or magic cigarettes.

1:10 am - Just finished my Cashew Milk at the bar. It was delicious. Everyone was super envious/laughing at me.

2:37 am - Heading home and still feeling well, but I’m also very tired and mildly hungry for the first time since 6 pm. I could totally go for another Cashew Milk right now.

Stay tuned for my third and final BPC diary tomorrow!