FashionInDIY: Festival-Ready Hanging Chain Headband

Need one last sweet accessory to light up your locks for weekend 2 of Coachella? Dangling chains in your hair could be just the kick you need. Hot indie blogger Love Maegan shows us how to make our own stretchy chained headband in a few crafty steps. 

FashionInDIY: Festival Ready Hanging Chain Headband

What you’ll need: Chains, pliers, and a totally 90s stretch claw headband.

FashionInDIY: Festival Ready Hanging Chain Headband

STEP ONE: Measure it Out. Try on the headband, and see where it hits your temple. With fingers in place, take it off and count the number of notches between them. That’s how many chains you’ll need. Also measure from the bottom of the headband to the end of your hair. That’s how long the longest chain should be.

STEP TWO: Prep the Chains. With pliers, trim about the lengths of chains (3-4 different kinds) to varying heights by opening the links.

STEP THREE: Save the Closures. Keep the open links aside, and double that amount to use for reattachment.

STEP FOUR: Attach the Links. Loop the open links around the curved part of the headband, slip on the chain and close with the pliers.

STEP FIVE: Add to It. Want to make it totally unique? you don’t have to stop here. Get feathers or any charms you can get your hands on to deck the chains out.

See you shakin’ it at Coachella!

P.S. we Love Maegan! See her blog for more details.