FashionInDIY: Bleach Paint Your Clothes Cool

Looking for a super simple way to stir your creative juices this weekend? Instead of painting Easter eggs, bleach paint your clothes. While Waris demonstrated Batik dyeing to A-listers,  Jill of Lune showed her smart bleaching technique on A Beautiful Mess blog, and we’re showing you here. Once you learn the technique, you can get all abstract on your dark closet. Make your message high contrast and bleach your way to custom clothing. 

FashionInDIY: Bleach Paint Your Clothes Cool

STEP ONE. Chalk it out. Sketch out the design, and don’t be afraid to get messy; the chalk will wash away.

STEP TWO. Board it up. Cardboard inside the shirt for a flat surface and barrier to the other side.

STEP THREE. Secure it down. Use rubber bands to fix the shirt and flaps in place on the board.

STEP FOUR. Prepare the bleach. Pour a bowl of non-diluted, fabric safe bleach.

STEP FIVE. Start tracing. For an even line, dip the brush every two inches.

STEP SIX. Step back. Once you’re done, break for a few minutes, and come back to fix any patchy areas.

STEP SEVEN. Set in the sun. A few hours in the sun will make it light.

STEP EIGHT. Wash and hang. Once you hand wash and hang to dry once, it’ll be ready for the machine forevermore.

FashionInDIY: Bleach Paint Your Clothes Cool

Check out A Beautiful Mess for more details and insight. And get bleaching!