Elizabeth Taylor Auction Continues Its Record-Breaking Run with Help from Kim Kardashian

Everyone wants a piece of Elizabeth Taylor. Even, “American socialite” — as the Telegraph gingerly describes her –? Kim Kardashian, who won out in a bidding war over three Lorraine Schwartz jade bracelets for $62,500 at the second round of the greatest garage sale of all time. Taylor’s couture and assorted jewels brought in $2.6 million, setting a record for a fashion auction.

Kim counts Taylor as her “idol” and “icon,” so it comes as no surprise that the Big K would shell out some clams to have a piece of Liz in her life:? ?€?If you have a piece of jade, the energy goes into the piece and you absorb the energy,?€? Kardashian said via phone. ?€?So I can feel Elizabeth in the piece.?€? Good for you, Kim, feeling up Elizabeth Taylor — but you’re going to need a lot more than one failed marriage if you’re going to “Keep Up” with that legacy.

Among the most popular items was a? Christian Dior evening gown and matching clutch that fetched $362,500, over 60 times its estimated worth, and a? Versace? jacket featuring Taylor’s iconic face emblazoned in rhinestones all over it (#dead), which sold for $128,500.

The Gina Fratini wedding dress Liz wore for her second marriage to Richard Burton? went for $62,500, while the yellow chiffon dress she wore to their first wedding was removed from auction at the last minute and will instead be donated to an institution. Two diamond and gold wedding bands from both Burton nuptials, however, were sold for $1 million — 125 times more than its estimated $8000 worth.

The big ticket item of the night was a ? lithograph of Liz ? by signed by Andy Warhol — “To Elizabeth, with much love”; estimated at $30,000 to $50,000, the painting sold for $662,500. The Liz Taylor auction continues tonight and into tomorrow, giving more reality TV stars and alleged socialites plenty opportunity to claim a piece of Taylor for her own. [Telgraph, Forbes, Bloomberg]


Gina Fratini wedding dress ($62,500), Versace “Face” jacket ($128,500) and Christian Dior gown ($362,500)