Eighth Crazy Night of Chanukah Wish

Okay, this one isn’t that crazy. It’s actually oddly practical. I found this leather backpack, and oh man has it got my number! I’m in such need of a slim leather backpack that can house my laptop so I can bring it to work every day and write about fashion for all of you. [GASP!] So this is one for the team. One to make my body feel good on a daily basis. Something sleek that will enhance and yet hide on and within ever outfit. In short ?€“? @Best_Mom_Ever, would you seriously get this for me? (Hey everyone, that’s actually my Mom. Could you please? tweet her and request that she get this for me? K Thanks!)

Eighth Crazy Night of Chanukah Wish

This smart bag is by LODIS, a Spanish brand formed 1965 by two guys who wanted to bring Madrid’s finest leather goods to the states. They’re particular about detail, and the look is minimally striking. And it’s valued at $258.

So next time you see me, I might be (fingers crossed!) carrying my MacBook Pro this. Thanks @Best_Mom_Ever! And Happy Chanukah everyone! See you next year for another round of… CRRRAAZY NIGHTS OF CHANUKAH-KAH-Kah-kah-ahh-ah-hhaa…