Designer Daily: NUMBER:Lab

Part of an elite group of designers, rapidly expanding in the CFDA Incubator, Luis Fernandez and business partner Greg Lawrence are taking menswear onto athletically tailored ground in their brand, NUMBER:Lab. Designer/Creative Director Fernandez came from the field of architecture, and is applying his knack for building beautiful and functional structures to address his own frustrations with men’s fashion. “We couldn’t find clothes that fit well and still addressed those needs of performance and quality, and not at haute couture prices,” Luis explains. So with technologically advanced textiles, meticulous math, and a keen aesthetic, men now have options away from the three-piece-suit. Visit the:Lab on 10th Ave and 29th St in NY for a sartorially masculine awakening. Find out more about their move into the CFDA Incubator, and the design process on, and check Spring 2012 right here.