Designer Daily Menswear: Serum Versus Venom a.k.a. SVSV

There’s a rebel with a cause out in Williamsburg. The one I’m referring to is David Gensler, designer of Serum Versus Venom. With 100% of production happening in his own facility in-house, he has the resources and the drive to buck the fashion system.? SVSV is created and marketed at its own pace (read, efficient), piece by piece, and the team believes “the existing industry calendar is only helping to perpetuate a archaic system which has no place in the modern, digital age.” They have no desire to enter the mass market, for that which is new will not stay that way very long. A responsible system of production involves no waste and no surplus, which is why they use interesting vintage textiles that stand the test of time. See the super innovative collection here.?