DESIGNER DAILY: Factory by Erik Hart

Out of a stark white live-in studio in Downtown L.A. comes the experimental clothing of Erik Hart. He explains, “It’s always an exercise in the tension of dichotomy. I like to take a garment to the purest essence of what they want to be. I have no interest in the excess or the ornamental. I don’t do trends.” He calls his company Factory because it gives him a wider breadth to express himself than clothing alone, and as a grateful nod to Andy Warhol. An artist of many mediums, he’s a photographer, he creates installations, and has been touring in bands since the age of 16. “I used to think of ideas in sound. Then over the years I started to think of it in imagery, sound being secondary.“ With visuals first in mind, and a minimalist mentality, he’s thriving with forward thinking garments. Peek inside the factory doors at Fall 2012 here.

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