Designer Daily: Eckhaus Latta

In a multi-textured cavalcade of newly minted silhouettes, Eckhaus Latta has stepped out as one of the freshest design duos of the moment. With fuzzy crop tops for men and other highly versatile pieces, the designers construct garments that they want to be wearing. Pieces that look editorial when it’s all Eckhaus Latta, but fall separately into wearable layering pieces. The result is truly eye opening. 

Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta met at RISD studying Sculpture and Textile design, respectively; that skill set combination is seemingly ideal. They earned their stripes at such places as Marc Jacobs, Opening Ceremony and Ohne Titel upon graduation, and are now giving their own brand of avant garde cool structure in Williamsburg. Take a dip into their world via the Fall 2012 collection.