Designer Daily: AARI.BOSTROEM

His designs evolve with the world in which he lives, with inspiration tied to current cultural and social development. While his universe changes, the woman for whom he designs stands steadfast, “present and enduring.” AARI.BOSTROEM addresses the intuitive nature of women, creating fluid pieces for her free subconscious in Spring, while arming her raw vulnerability with strength for Fall 2012. His clothing is empowering rising talent in his home base of Berlin, as it graces the cover of pop songstress Sumera‘s new album. We caught up with Aari Bostroem to find out more.

Designer Daily: AARI.BOSTROEM


You say that you design for the women you want to meet. Who are three you adore?

Liv Tyler, Tilda Swinton and Julianne Moore.

What is your main goal in dressing these powerful women?

The true beauty of a woman is not found in the clothes she wears. It is reflected in her eyes. My duty is to call attention to her personality with my pieces she’s wearing. I want to animate people to look into her eyes, into her soul. A woman’s beauty grows with passing years. It’s a result of experiences in life.

Beside’s Sumera, who else are you listening to in your studio?

Antony Hegarty, Justin Nozuka, Lizz Wright, Adele or even Patricia Kaas. In the studio, I love to put the music very loud. It sometimes seams more like a big party than a workplace. I love the Soul and R&B classics like Aretha Franklin or Patti LaBelle but also some pop or dance is nice and easy to work with.

You put Sumera’s new single on your Facebook wall and it grabbed my attention. What about her brought you two together?

We share so many creative thoughts and experiences. Her music is so close to life and to myself. It touches me every time.

This is the video that drew me in, Bright Lies.

“You’ll understand when you listen to Gender Blender”

Flip through to discover AARI.BOSTROEM Fall 2012, and why strong women will want to meet Aari.