Daphne Groeneveld Wiggles Her Faux French Fanny for Dior

Daphne Groeneveld portrays a modern version of Brigitte Bardot in Dior ADDICT’s latest short film directed by Jonas Akerlund. Basically, she frolics around the French Riviera with tres mignonne French kitties and men. Watch the video after the jump and begin to self hate if you can’t speak francais

The film opens with Daphne relaxing on the beach of St. Tropez and after a hat changing montage in heart shaped sunglasses, she decides on an all black ensemble to go meet more cute boys and dance in a cafe. The party continues into the street when she winks, shimmies, and twirls her French hiney on top of cobblestone roads through muted pastel villas.

We’re pretty sure the day-to-day of a French woman is nothing like this, but Daphne seems to indulge our nostalgic side for the whimsy of the 1960′s through this playful ad for Dior Addict.