Celebrity Trainer Will Torres’ 5 Easy Tips for Holiday Feasting

Will Torres spoke to our sister site LOOKBOOKS.com about winning the battle of the holiday bulge:

Everyone in the fitness industry will tell you that, in addition to having the magic touch,? Will Torres? also has a magic personality. In 2005, Will came to New York with over fifteen years of experience in charming his celebrity clients into shape and started? willspace. Today, his personal training studio offers the city?€™s finest fitness experience under the supervision of a premier dream team of instructors. New York has embraced Will with open arms, which is why this November saw the? opening of a new and improved willspace? in the West Village. With New Year?€™s and the inevitable New Year?€™s resolutions around the corner, Will shares his advice on surviving the holiday eating madness.? 

Celebrity Trainer Will Torres 5 Easy Tips for Holiday Feasting

1. One great way to be able to enjoy the holiday food frenzy is to find a way to? sneak a workout in. A 15-20 run first thing in the morning combined with 30 minutes of strength training will supercharge your metabolism for up to six hours after your workout is over. If out of town, pack gear and go for a run or hit the local gym.

2. Eat breakfast and a light lunch.? ? DO NOT show up to dinner hungry. The longer you go without eating the hungrier you become thus the more you?€™ll want to scarf down. It?€™s never a good idea to eat a whole days worth of calories in one sitting.

3. The best exercises during the holidays are called ?€?pushaways.?€? Push your plate back and step away from the table.

4.? Having tea, ideally one that is herbal, at the end of a meal helps. It signals to the brain that the meal is complete. It also helps with digestion.

5. If you?€™re going to do leftovers, then? focus on protein. Plate some turkey with salad or veggies.