Celebrate Cinco de Mayo the Way the Gods Intended — with Tequila

Who wants to take shots with Oprah? Turns out the former — though still all-time — Queen of Daytime loves her some tequila, Partida Tequila to be specific. And now that Cinco de Mayo is nearly upon us, what better way to celebrate than with the holiday’s signature cocktail, the Margarita, made with one of the best tequilas on the market. Made with pure agave nectar, the Partida Margarita is low in calories which means you can indulge as much — and as responsibly — as you like with a clear conscience. Nothing else might be clear, but it is Cinco de Mayo after all. We had a little pre-Cinco party when a bottle of Partida arrived in the FashionIndie office and we learned how to make the Partida Margs and lucikly we documented it before things got sloppy. It is with a happy liver we share this delicious recipe with you so you can ring in Cinco de Mayo in style.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo the Way the Gods Intended    with Tequila

To make your own Partida Margarita, you’ll need 1 ? oz Partida Blanco Tequila, 1 oz fresh squeezed lime juice, ? oz Partida Agave Nectar and ? oz water. For a little nosh, we also included Popcorn, Indiana chip’ins — an all natural, whole grain, gluten- and cholesterol-free snack — for what was easily the healthiest Cinco de Mayo party any of us have ever had.