Фото: котята стали большими

Фото: котята стали большими

Если ты растешь с кошкой на протяжении многих лет, животное становится членом семьи. Фотографии до и после нам об этом напоминают.

На этих фотографиях можно разглядеть много прекрасного. Животные растут так быстро, что ты уже не понимаешь, как твой друг, которого ты не так давно принес в маленькой коробке, уже в нее не помешается.


Remember When...


Then And Now


Best Friends



Just Me And My Cat... 17 Years Later


Toby Still Loves His Bed, 4 Years Later


So My Friends Cat Turned One


Then And Now


Kitten To Teenager


6 Months Have Been Nice To This Little Runt I Rescued



1 Year And 1 Ruined Chair Later


Link In The Sink, Then And Now


Now And Then


10 Years And Nothing's Changed


My Cat In His Favourite Box... Then And Now


12 Months Apart


Rescued Cat Now And Then


Kría The Cat And Her Sofa


Then And Now


Me And My Bro 12 Years Later


18 Years Later, Happy Birthday My Cat!




Croc Battle: Then And Now



My Little Ball Of Fury 8 Months Later


My Cat Sparta, Then And Now


6 Months Apart

Tucker And Stewie Then And Now



Einstein ( Alvie) The Day I Rescued Him And Today.



15 Years Apart


Some Things Never Change


Sadie Then And Now


10 Years Apart


Bugs! The Harelipped Feline


Best Friends For The Past 21 Years


That Lovely Couch...


My Brother Got A Kitten, Here They Are 17 Years Later





Pixel To Mega Pixel In ~6 Short Months.


6 Months Apart


Rescue Cats - Siblings Lily And Lestat / Then And Now


Jaymz - Then And Now


Somehow His Head Never Grew...


Then And Now: My Buddy PC And I


Funtoosh - My Love, My Whole World


Erik And Ramses The Rescue Kitten At 12 Oz. And 7 Years Later At 7 Pounds!


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