Brunch Bytes: Week of May 21st – 25th

The best bits you have missed on FashionIndie this week including the most stylish cartoon bands, the most and least stylish girl groups, Britney and Mimi’s style evolutions and packing  Memorial Day weekend essentials. 

Brunch Bytes: Week of May 21st   25th

The Sartorialist had a few bones to pick.

Mark Zuckerberg got secretly married.

The 10 Most Stylish Cartoon Bands of All Time

Gucci won a few mil from Guess.

Music video style retrospectives on Britney Spears and Mariah Carey.

Helena Bonham Carter got some therapy from Prada.

The Top 10 Most Fashion Forward DJs.

Louis Vuitton announced a new collaboration.

Memorial Day weekend essentials.

Popstars got the Humpday treatment. 

Makeover, makeover, makeover, makeover, makeover, makeover! MAKEOVER!

The Best & Worst Dressed Girl Groups of All Time