Brunch Bytes: Week of June 25th-29th

The best bits you may have missed on FashionIndie this week including the eternal battle between hipsters and gays, how to glow in the dark and the ladylike men of Milan.

Brunch Bytes: Week of June 25th 29th

- The best and the chest of New York’s Gay Pride Parade

- Manning up with fall’s ad campaigns. 

- Guy gams.

- The best thing about summer…or anything, really.

- Hipsters and homos: Whose style is it anyway?

- A sneaker heel above the rest.

- The FashionIndie kids had a party with NMRKT. And people turned up and turned it out.

- Light up the night with black light makeup.

- British artists and fashion designers got creative.

- Daphne Guinness and Lady Gaga became closet companions.

- Guy gowns.

- Ah, Magic Mike. Are there any two greater words in the English language?