BROADCAST: Shoes to Get You Through the Cold

Shoes are trifle harder this season to navigate, with impending snow and rain and cold, and fine I’ll stop complaining. Point is, boots are put to a tougher test because of the awful conditions they face, so use the right shoes for the weather and let them last longer. Use this guide to help figure out your plan of attack on which shoes you’ll need this season.? 

For the Flurry
When the snow starts to fall lightly, you’ll want a good sidewalk shoe. That obviously includes a wedge with a solid grip.  $200 Modcloth

For the Snowstorm
Topside down in the snow, an inch or two up.  $160 Sperry Topsider

For the Slush
As we’re experiencing with growing frequency this December, you might need a fierce rain boot to keep dry. Then keep it around for the gross slush that ensues after the snow. Get catty with $69 Guess?

For the Cold
When you’re cold and it’s cold out, and you’re not feeling like wearing heels (we won’t judge too harshly) try these combat boots. $79 Rebel Shoes