BROADCAST: Prom Girl Guide to Dancing Out of High School + Giveaway!

Ladies to the Promenade. Gentlemen, hold out a hand for a fine lady as she puts her 6 inch heel down on the next step to the futchaahh-ahh-ah. On your search to the? prom dress, think about what you’ll want to say through your dress as you dance your way to graduation. You can even win a golden cocktail dress here from! See how at the end of this? tour de prom.? 

Prom can be a serious trip. You’re graduating High School and moving on to the big bad world of college, or whatever else life has in store for you. It’s your last semester (or last two marking periods as they said at my high school). Go wild! And dance that floor down for your epic finale to that rigid school system. This psychedelic dress will have you moving on to an even happier place.  $499