Broadcast: How To Wear Wedges

Sexy, versatile and capable of adding height without compromising on comfort, wedges are the perfect all-round fashion shoe. First made truly popular on last year’s catwalks, they show no signs of going out of fashion in 2012 – so if you haven’t yet bought yourself a pair then it’s time to hit the shops. Here’s how to work the trend.

Update the look: The wedge trend may not have gone out of fashion, but there’s no doubt that the style has morphed somewhat since last year. Adapt your choice of wedge to suit this year’s key fashions, which include marine motifs, bold prints and sorbet colours. You can get the look on the high street, with stores such as Next boasting a range of wedge women’s shoes to rival designer offerings.

Broadcast: How To Wear Wedges

When to wear them: The great thing about wedges is that you can wear them pretty much everywhere. They make your legs look longer and thinner, instantly slim thick ankles and are appropriate for every occasion from the beach to a wedding. If you want your wedges to be extra versatile then go for a pair that can be worn with a range of outfits. Those diamante straps might be perfect for clubbing, but for day wear they’re a no-no.

Just add jeans: One of the best ways to wear wedges is to dress them down with your favourite jeans. Wedge shoes look great with skinny jeans, but team them with a loose top if you want to avoid the beanpole look. If you’re keen to work this season’s 70s-inspired trend then you could also match wedges with flared jeans – but the default style to wear with wedges is bootleg.

Scintillate in a skirt: Wedges can give a subtle boost to a casual outfit, but they can also give the ‘wow factor’ to a going out ensemble. By allowing you to opt for skyscraper height without impairing your ability to dance, they have established themselves firmly on the list of desirable going-out wear. Wedge shoes look fantastic with slit-skirts, a la Angelina Jolie, and with mid-lengths.

Broadcast: How To Wear Wedges