Bonnaroo Discovery: The Weeks

Hey Indies!  We were hard at work discovering new bands at Bonnaroo just for you and our favorite newbies on the block is The Weeks. The Southern hipster rock sound may not be so new, their band got together about five years ago at the ripe old ages of fourteen and sixteen. While the ink was still drying with their signage to Kings of Leon‘s label we caught up with the boys backstage to chat about their work and bright future. More after the jump!

National acts never played Jackson, Mississippi, from an early age the boys were influenced by local Southern groups. Bands like Champagne Heights and The Rockwells laid the groundwork for their style. Twin brothers Cain and Cyle Barnes were destined to live the life as a musician, growing up with a performing family and taking cues from their father.

Now living in Nashville the bandmates wear their heart and their home-state on their sleeve with matching Missippi tattoos.  Their style is self described as ‘cheap chic’ by Chaz Lindsey.  “The cheaper the better,” explained the young artist wearing an old button up baseball tee.  Cyle wore a tank (dress code for the hot Tennessee weekend) showcasing a photo of his beloved cat, BK.  Twin Cain was rocking a tank sporting their label’s logo.

A quote on the band’s website reads ‘we will run naked through your streets before we sit decorated in your halls.’  But we have a feeling that they may be getting some decorations in the form of awards in the future ahead, sorry guys!  Hopefully you can stand decorated and keep rocking out!

Photos courtesy of Stephen Wilson.