Blanchett Goes Bare, Hilfiger Addresses Bangladesh and Adult-Onset Acne on the Rise

- Adding another crease to the Simon Spurr debacle, the label has temporarily halted lending samples. [WWD]

- Cate Blanchett opted to go Photoshop-free for the cover of The Economist’s Intelligent Life, proving that there are worse things than looking your age and/or like a human being. [Styleite]

Alberta Ferretti for Macy’s has a lookbook, but more importantly, Alberta Ferretti for Macy’s actually exists. So many diffusion lines, such little capacity to care about them. [Fashionista]

Blanchett Goes Bare, Hilfiger Addresses Bangladesh and Adult Onset Acne on the Rise

-Tommy Hilfiger is investing $1 million to improve conditions at the Bangladeshi factory where 29 people died in a fire last year  after getting his spot blown up by ABC. There were no casualties in said spot blowing up. [The Cut]

- Who knew Roger Sterling and the Dowager Countess had so much in common? The lascivious lushes at Mad Men get paired up with their  more prudish but equally dramatic soul mates over at Downton Abbey. How much would I give to see Dame Maggie Smith pounding back Scotch and banging secretaries with the boys at SCDP. [Slate]

- Good news, ladies! In addition to all the great things that come with getting older — visible wrinkles, grey hair, “the change” — you’re probably going to get acne. But look on the bright side…I’m assuming there is one, but we can just call it a day and quit while we’re ahead. [Bella Sugar]