Best Guy Gift Ever: Booze Concealing Books

At a loss for what to get the men in your life? Here’s our favorite unique gift so far: a professional book, repurposed to ? hide a flask of his favorite poison. ? Talk about work hard, play harder. ? Intrigued?

Keeping your alcohol at arm’s length is a rule that we at FashionIndie take seriously, but not every professional setting agrees. ? That’s why these books by Bender Bound? are? the perfect solution for a more serious workplace accessory. ? The book options range from medicine or law all the way to cooking or parenting (we’re avidly awaiting a fashion book series, hint hint). ? The Brooklyn based design collective has even customized pilot manuals to follow the FAA 3 oz. regulation size.

This is a great gift that a man of any style or age (well, over 21 that is) can appreciate. Plus, what guy doesn’t want to feel a little bit more like James Bond?

Best Guy Gift Ever: Booze Concealing Books