Beauty Tech: Upgrade Your Routine with 4 Groundbreaking Devices

Lasers, lights and rechargeable batteries – is this really what the future of beauty holds? It may be scary at first when thinking about integrating this new technology into your daily routine. But the truth is, these innovative ways of clearing skin and reducing wrinkles are both safe, effective and, in the long run, cost-efficient. If you’re not sure where to start and who to trust, we’ve approved these four tekkie beauty products you’re sure to love just as much.

TRIA Skin Perfecting Blue Light
Five minutes a day is all it takes with the TRIA Blue Light to get clearer, more radiant and healthy-looking skin. FDA approved safe for home use, this device possesses the same blue light technology utilized by dermatologists. Gentle and effective for all skin tones, the TRIA kills bacteria deep within the skin that causes breakouts and dulls complexion. I’ve been using it for almost two months now, and my complexion is certainly brighter than the day I started. $245 TRIA Beauty