Battle of the Department Stores’ Soles

Even though we’ve been lusting over Spring 2012 shoes for months, it’s now coming down to the time when they’re going to hit stores. Big bowed up boxes like Barneys, Saks, and Neimans now must duke it out, see who gets the best, and the best customers will follow. They revealed some strategy to WWD this morning. Prep yourself for a battle for your sole.? 

Battle of the Department Stores Soles

Barney’s? Prediction: Give them the extremes of a giant 70′s platform chunk and/or a balls-of-the-feet to the ground 90′s stiletto.

Word from the front line: ?€?We are seeing a shift toward a 1990s-inspired, single-sole pump silhouette ?  la Manolo Blahnik. Celine introduced a new take on the platform shoe, Alexander Wang showed great novelty in his lug-sole monk-strap oxfords, and Prada embraced a 1970s-inspired mule with a chunkier heel. And, of course, Christian Louboutin always embraces and even creates many of the key shoe trends each season.?€? Amanda Brooks,? Fashion Director


Battle of the Department Stores Soles

Saks’ Prediction: Ankle straps and mixed materials will dominate the entire zip code devoted to shoes.

Word from the Front Line:? ?€?The entire market has moved forward to show more sophisticated and elevated collections,?€? Kanfer said. ?€?We are excited about the amount of emerging talent in the footwear industry.?€? ? -? Elizabeth Kanfer, Fashion and Co-Branding Director of Accessories

Battle of the Department Stores Soles

Neiman’s Predictions: Tabitha Simmons and Charlotte Olympia are setting the new standards.

Word from the Front Line: ?€?They are names fashion insiders love and names the fashion curious will crave.?€? – Ken Downing, SVP and Fashion Director