Bari: Sweat To Perfection

Clothing fads come and go, but having a healthy body will always be in style.  As much as we loved hibernating slacking off with exercise this winter, it’s time to bid our rolls adieu and tone up for the upcoming warm months.  It’s common to see people suffer of gym-phobia, and we sympathize; treadmills are like a death sentence.  Whether or not you’ve already been introduced to the world of fitness classes, we’ve found a tiny studio in TriBeCa that will change your view on exercise forever.

Bari: Sweat To Perfection

Bari Studio may only be a year old, but the TriBeCa fitness hotspot is quickly gaining fame.  What makes it different from your average fitness studio is that it’s invitation only, which eliminates the possibility of over crowded classes.   Bari considers itself a tribe, because no member is ignored.  In fact, before joining the rest of the tribe, new members have to take a private BariONE class in which they are measured and prescribed a workout plan, so they can track their progress.

The Bari workout is a mix of anaerobic and aerobic movement, fusing together dance, pilates, yoga, gymnastics, martial arts and sports training.  Split between five different classes, you’ll never get bored at Bari.  In fact, you won’t even feel like you’re working out… until after class, when you’re too sore to even walk up a flight of stairs.

We decided to give Bari a try and signed up for BariPEEL, an 80-day workout challenge.  It started off with Bari’s signature 7-day detox meal plan, followed by frequent outdoor classes and nutrition seminars, such as a trip to the farmers market.  Kale shakes and 7AM workouts may not be on our list of favorite things, but only after ONE week we were welcoming toned abs back into our lives.

Bikini season is closer than you think.  Whether you join the tribe or stick to your old fitness regime, as the Bari Code states, it’s time to “get high from exercise” and whip yourself back into shape.

Bari: Sweat To Perfection