Anne Hathaway Dreams a Dream, Woman Sues Over Aging and Cynthia Nixon Ties the Knot

- Select celebs have already received their Air Yeezy 2 kicks, thus giving the proverbial middle finger to the losers who lined up weeks beforehand. [Highsnobiety]

- The trailer for Les Mis?rables hit the webs today, and Rachel Zoe has already started demanding gowns for Anne Hathaway‘s Oscar acceptance speech. Trailer after the jump! [EW]

- Gucci‘s coming out with a line of sustainable flats made of biodegradabale plastic that it has already sued Guess for knocking off — as a preventative measure. [Refinery29]

- Faux-n’est-ce-pas: France has debuted a sassy series of anti-counterfeiting ads. [WWD]

- A California woman is suing Proctor & Gamble over their Olay Regenerist line of anti-aging cosmetics since she’s still the wrinkled bag of bones she was when she started using them. [LAT]

- Carla Bruni might be having twins! Mary-Kate Olsen is reportedly dating former French president Nicolas Sarkozy‘s half brother, Olivier. [Page Six]

- Cynthia Nixon wore a green Carolina Herrera gown to wed her partner of three years, Steve the bartender, who’s gotten a lot more butch over the years. [Gothamist]