Annabelle’s One Year Anniversery

It’s Friday night in the LES and where better to pre-game for the night ahead than at a young designer’s party?  We met with designer and storeowner Anna McCraney at Annabelle to celebrate the store’s one-year anniversary on Stanton Street.  More after the jump!Between sips of wine, stepping over fellow party guests’ French bulldog puppies and ducking from the new Ben Woodward painting of pigeons we spoke with the designer herself.  The winner of 2009′s reality TV competition, The Fashion Show, she was excited to tell us about her spring collection.  “It’s all about color!  We’re doing really well with the skeleton back tops.  Everyone loves them because you can layer them over other things and it’s kind of sexy but covered up. It’s like business in the front party in the back.”

Annabelles One Year Anniversery

Other designers were on hand including Serene, the jewelry designer and fine artist of Leroy’s Place.  Annabelle stocks her shrinkie-dink necklaces and we had to talk to the designer about the one around her neck.  Entitled “Biggie Stardust,” it was a clever visual mash up of Biggie Smalls and David Bowie.  “I hand paint each one individually and just started doing celebrity faces.  I’m working on more mash ups but none of them quite have the panache as Biggie Stardust.”

Annabelles One Year Anniversery