Alcoholic Shopaholics: The Rise of Online Drunk Shopping

The New York Times has picked up on a disturbing trend sweeping the interwebs: shopping under the influence. It turns out people — get this — get wasties and then go online to buy things! Who. Knew. Well, online retailers for one, who have started to respond to the soused shoppers with special sales during peak boozed-up hours.? 

Alcoholic Shopaholics: The Rise of Online Drunk Shopping

Photo: Holy Moly

Nighttime shopping has grown in popularity, with order volumes peaking around 8 pm and the number of orders between 9 pm and midnight increasing from previous years.? On eBay, the busiest time of day is between 6:30 pm and 10:30 pm, when the customer is allegedly in a “good mood” (read: has had a few).?  Gilte Group? has added more sales beginning at 9 pm in response to higher traffic while retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Loews and Saks inundate customers’ email inboxes with special offers and deals throughout the night and into the early morning.

It speaks to logic that people are less tight with the purse strings after they’ve tied one on; when that sequined jumpsuit you’ve been eyeing for the past month or so suddenly seems like a life or death purchase and you just say “to hell with it” and add it to your cart. The article is quick to point out that drunk shopping in stores is more rare than online, but speaking from personal experience, there’s nothing better than walking into an H&M with a cocktail in hand and daring the salesgirl to say something to you. And on the rare occasion they do, that’s when you throw both a violent tantrum and your drink in their insolent faces. [NYT]