Adele Is Rolling with a Bump Today in Indie Newsroom

Indie Newsroom is brought to you by Adele‘s fruitful loins, Balenciaga‘s floral fixation and Gucci‘s Gossip Girl

Adele Is Rolling with a Bump Today in Indie Newsroom

Six Grammys and a Baby

- Will she give up or will she just keep changing diapers? Adele is pregnant, thus adding another exclamation point to her Best! Year! Ever! [Huff Po]

- Some wild and beautiful imagery star in Balenciaga‘s ad campaign for new scent “Florabotanica” . And Kristen Stewart‘s somewhere in there too. [DesignScene]

- And in other actress fragrance ad campaign news — because it’s a pretty common thing these days — Blake Lively‘s ad for Gucci‘s “Premi??re” has surfaced on the mirror of Blake Lively’s Chanel ad. [Fashionista]

- Hairstylists are getting some award recognition at the Oscars next year with the Academy changing the Best Makeup category to Best Makeup and Hairstyling. Oh if only B.A.P.S. could be re-released to theaters. [THR]

- American Apparel is on track to post record sales for 2012, according to CEO/manslut Dov Charney, who also insists that the company will remain domestically manufactured thanks to the relative shittiness in the global economy — I’m paraphrasing. [WWD]