Abercrombie Wrestles with Its Sexuality, Andr? Leon Talley Gets His Own Show and Stefano Pilati Talks YSL

Marie Antoinette may have lost her head but at least homegirl kept her shoes. A pair of the infamous queen’s pumps dating back to 1790 sold for over $57,000 at a recent French auction. [WWD]

- Abercrombie & Fitch got in touch with its not-so-inner homosexual with this Bruce Weber-directed homage to hot boys groping each other wrestling. Seriously, when is A&F going to stop circling the gay porno airport and bring that sucker into a well-lubricated landing? Video after le jump. [Huff Po]

- And speaking of perverts disguised as clothing companies, Dov Charney re-signed his contract with American Apparel for another three years with a base salary of $800,00o. I knew I shoulda gotten into the sex slave game when I had the chance. Lazy me. [The Cut]

- I see someone’s been reading my dream journal since Andr? Leon Talley is finally getting his own reality show on Bravo. ALT will be yelling at and openly insulting  ”four up-and-coming fashion design teams as they produce the defining collection of their careers.” [Styleite]

- Jason Segal and Michelle Williams are apparently now starring in How I Met My Oscar-Nominated Girlfriend. [Refinery29]

- Stefano Pilati came out from the shadows of scandal after being let go by Yves Saint Laurent a month ago to discuss his career in fashion and his plans for the future. Burning down YSL was surprisingly not a part of said plans. [Fashionologie]