A Doll’s House

Shot with Remi Rebillard‘s usual fascination for shadows as a tool, the photoshoot  is all about creating a sombre and haunted mood, where humans becomes dolls come nightfall.

14 year old model Alexandra was perfect for the role, with her wide and round eyes, her cheeks gently smattered with freckles and her petite build. She adopts a puppet-like poses with the natural talent of a future supermodel, whether it be representing the inanimate posture of an abandoned toy, or the fixed, beautiful yet chilling look of a doll.

Marianne Tamposi created the hair and makeup looks that transform living skin into the polished perfection of a life-size mannequin. However, there is always some humanity to Alexandra’s looks. Rebillard’s doll may be living the haunted life of a dark fairytale, but she does it with enviable beauty.

Leave it to the French to produce photos that are not only thought provoking and enticing, but that are also emotive and shockingly beautiful.