A Book Scandal, A Frat Party & A Shabbat Dinner: Top Ten Highlights from Kourtney & Kim Take New York

Another Sunday, another installment of ? our Top Ten Highlights of ? Kourtney & Kim Take New York!? This week was a bit tamer than the rest, but still full of all sorts of shallow pop culture drama. ? Here we go:? 

A Book Scandal, A Frat Party & A Shabbat Dinner: Top Ten Highlights from Kourtney & Kim Take New York
1. Quelle scandale! Evil BFF Jonathan is writing a tell-all book about Kim and shopping it anonymously! ? We’re actually really impressed with Kim grabbing her lady balls and confronting him over dinner.

2. ? Mason rocks an adorbs-face fedora and then screams with joy about a trip to LA. ? He’s just getting better and better every episode. ? What I’d like to know is what’s with his little Nelly forehead bandage? ? Was there a brawl over organic baby juice or wooden blocks? Was he wrestling with Suri for the newest Missoni luggage collection? What a tough guy.

3. ? Kris Humphries? is way too insecure about Kim wearing the pants in this relationship, and has become? obsessed with not turning out like “Bruce Jenner and all the other Kardashian men”. ? To rebel, he decides to? throw a mini frat party (keg included) and for some reason thinks that the girls won’t find out. ? Obviously photos pop up and the boys get a scolding.

4. ? Scott attempts to reconnect with his Jewish roots by meeting with his rabbi and attending temple. ? He is completely out of his element with all the Hebrew, but it is sweet to see him trying to reconnect with his family traditions and culture. ? Already wondering how long this totally not just for tv spiritual discovery is going to last.

5. ? Kourtney has on some awesome silk button up backless chartreuse sheer blouse. ? She looks like a chic tennis ball. ? We are obsessed.

6. Turns out, Jonathan’s book proposal ? “Make Me An It Girl” actually compliments Kim and she totes feels bad about starting a nasty Twitter war with him.

7. He refuses to accept her apology and the plot gets even better when he throws her out of his apartment!

8. ? Kim has a FIERCE blue fur jacket. That’s all.

9. In her final attempt at apologizing to Jonathan, Kim writes a foreward to his upcoming book. ? ”Writing this is really hard for me” she tells the Hump. ? No kidding Kim, you have the vocabulary depth of a wading pool. ? Regardless, her words were very sweet and the two make up (you can see the $$ in Jonathan’s eyes when they reconnect) and can go back to being BFF’s.

10. ? Mason steals the show by trying to mimic Scott’s Hebrew prayer at the family’s first Shabbat dinner. It was so cute we hope he never actually learns to speak. Maybe his spin off can be all sounds, giggles, and adorable outfits. ? Hope we see more of him next week!