70 Rare Photos of Paul McCartney for his 70th Birthday!

They say it’s Paul McCartney’s birthday! At 70-years-old, “The Cute Beatle” is still performing 3-hour concerts to packed stadiums, hopping around the stage like it was 1964. Though it seems like just yesterday Sir Paul McCartney was with The Beatles, his evolution since has pronounced him a living legend. From his Teddy Boy days, to the Mop Tops, to the Sgt. Pepper psychedelia, to the Wings-era Mullet, he’s lived a thousand looks and affected millions of lives. Let’s take a walk down Macca’s long, winding memory lane with 70 amazing, rarely seen photos

Call in the guards!!
This photo is straight out of photographer Curt Gunther’s collection of “Rare and Unseen Beatles” now on display at the Morrison Hotel Gallery.

The photos to come are simply rare gems. Because all you need is love, and 70 pictures of Paul.